Have your sales “hit the wall”?  We can help you...

  • Sell  a “must have” instead of a “nice to have”
    • We’ll show you how to focus on the value you bring to your prospect instead of the features of your product. You’ll transform your sales approach from product-driven to value-driven and be able to sell your product or service as a strategic necessity for your prospect.
  • Spend your time selling to your highest-probability prospects 
    • We’ll show you how to focus your sales efforts on market segments that offer you the best chance of success. You’ll spend your time working with high-probability prospects and increase your sales effectiveness.
  • Quickly increase your salesforce productivity
    • We’ll build you an event-driven sales process and implement CRM-based tools that give you a consistent, repeatable path to sales success. You’ll quit selling to prospects that are never going to buy when we show you how to use this process to qualify constantly and ruthlessly through the entire sales cycle.
  • Take the mystery out of hiring and retaining top sales talent
    • Our consulting expertise also includes small business hiring.  We’ll help you build a systematic hiring process. You’ll use your new, consistent sales process to enable rapid hiring, training, and ramp-up of new salespeople.